Gentle protection for the most delicate skin.
The rose has many qualities that benefit the most delicate, sensitive skin. Gentle-yet-protective rose petal oils and extracts moisturize, balance and nurture skin while offering a soft, calming scent. It is no surprise that this “mother” of all flowers is found in many of the Dr. Hauschka preparations we recommend for baby’s delicate skin.

Our 100% natural skin care products have always been made from the highest quality ingredients. The organic and biodynamic ingredients are hand-harvested and processed in our pharmaceutical-grade facilities to ensure their purity. You can rest assured that they will care for your baby’s skin gently and effectively.

For Babies
Bath Time: Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence is perfect for bath time, helping to keep skin soft and calm while promoting peace in the tub. Lavender essential oil soothes the minds of both mom and baby in preparation for a night’s rest. Can also be added to a bowl of water for a room diffuser.

Rose Nurturing Body Wash is a natural, soap-free cleanser mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin. It cleans and nurtures delicate skin without drying, offering moisturizing protection with a natural floral scent from essential oils of rose. Rose Nurturing Body Oil balances, calms and nourishes—perfect for sealing in moisture after a bath. Baby’s skin is replenished and silky-smooth.

On the Changing Table: Rose Day Cream has natural soothing properties, making it perfect for changing time, protecting baby’s skin from dryness while nurturing sensitive skin.
Silk Body Powder This versatile, silky-smooth powder nurtures skin, keeping it dry and refreshed while providing a light, clean scent from botanical blends
Every Day Care:

Rose Nurturing Body Cream featuring precious rose ingredients wraps baby’s skin in protective warmth. Sensitive skin is hydrated and kept as soft as a rose petal.