Body care is important to keep the skin supple and to help avoid stretch marks.
Daily gentle massage with Blackthorn Oil stimulates the circulation, helps to prevent hardening and keeps the muscles and connective tissue supple. Quince Body Moisturiser helps keep skin firm. Rhythmic Night Conditioner helps to re-balance and alleviate some of the skin problems that can occur during  pregnancy, such as hormone-influenced breakouts, dry or greasy skin.

Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner is cooling and enlivening, helping to relieve swollen ankles and tired legs. If you are suffering from twitchy legs then Lavender Bath can be used as a relaxing addition to bath water. Use after the 4th month of  pregnancy.

Before: Remember to take a Daily FACE Care Kit into hospital with you for convenience – it is easy to pack and takes up little room.

After the birth use Lavender Bath to relieve stress and encourage relaxation, and Rose Oil to generally pamper yourself.