Fruit Acids & the Skin


In the skin (Epidermis) we have 7 layers. The cells are formed at the basal layer (inner most layer), they grow, mature become keratinized (the nucleus is replaced with protein), as they transform into flatter cells and get closer to the top layer. Some of these cells receive melanin from surrounding cells which is necessary to protect us from Sun light.

If the top layer is ‘stripped’ by using harsh fruit acids, a “panic” signal is sent to the basal layer saying “help” we need more cells to protect us. This life process of these cells (the process from basal layer to top layer) is sped up and normal functions which give us healthy protected skin, is lost.

With the use of harsh fruit acids, the skin is not protected by the top cells which are there to protect us from pollution, harsh weather conditions, bacteria, viruses etc, it loses moisture easily, the skin may be red and hot. Red hot skin becomes dehydrated easily. Dehydrated skin needs more moisturiser to protect it. The melanin which is supposed to protect the skin from burning does not reach the cells and the skin becomes photo sensitive and burns easily.

Rather, use 100% natural products that do not ‘strip’ the skin.