Day & Night Skin Rhythm


Early morning to 9 am

The body concentrates on Oxygen exchange between the heart and the muscles – a good time to do physical exercise. Cell renewal rate in the skin is low. Toxins excreted during by the skin during the night need to be cleansed off – important to gently cleanse the skin with Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream.
10 am

The body Temperature is at its highest. The Skin looks its best – a good time to have your photo taken!
11 am

Increase in Sebaceous Gland activity. A good time to use a Face powder if the skin begins to shine.
12 noon

At this time of day it is vital to make sure that the skin has been sufficiently Moisturised as the skin cannot protect itself efficiently against the harsh elements.
1 pm to 2 pm

Metabolism in the body and skin is good. Blood pressure and Hormone levels are at their lowest. Wrinkles are more visible. This is a good time to have a brief walk (with hat on) and then eat a meal.
3 pm

We become more active. We perspire more. A good time to freshen up your make-up.
4 pm

Circulation in the skin is highest. The cheeks become warmer. Skin tends to lose a lot of water at this time. Wrinkles are most prominent at this time of day.
Excellent time to do a Face mask (this may be difficult to do at work?!) and Facial gymnastics.
5 pm to 7 pm

Regeneration processes in the skin begin slowly. Skin looses dead cells, therefore a good time to do a Cleansing clay mask to remove dead cells.
8 pm

The skin is active in its regeneration processes. Sensitivity in the skin is at its lowest – a good time to tweeze one’s eyebrows.
11 pm

Immune system of the body is at its optimum. The body and the skin detoxes itself through the skin therefore it is VITAL not to have a creamy night cream on the skin to prevent this process from happening. Facial Toner or Rhythmic Night Conditioning ampoules, which are OIL FREE, are the Dr Hauschka Night Care treatment. These dynamic hydrating preparations which are OIL FREE, support these night time regeneration processes for a healthier skin condition.

11 pm to 4 am 

Cell renewal is at its highest. Regeneration of the skin is working at peak performance. The Facial Toner and Rhythmic Night Conditioning ampoules support these processes in the skin.