NEW Optimised Formulation Tinted Day Cream


Tinted Day Cream

A naturally beautiful complexion

Proudly presenting Dr. Hauschka’s optimised formulation of Tinted Day Cream

Available in stores February 2016

This nurturing tinted moisturiser nourishes while adding a light sun-kissed glow to dry, sensitive, mature and normal skin.

While the Tinted Day Cream conceals redness and minor blemishes, refines your complexion and refreshes your natural skin tone, medicinal plant extracts unfold their powers to nurture and bring harmony to your skin.  As a result, not only does your complexion become more even, but your skin also rediscovers its natural balance.

Rich in rose wax, beeswax and avocado oils, the skin is kept hydrated and protected from external influences throughout the day.  Luxurious rose water, extracts of anthyllis and St. John’s wort tone and improve the skin’s elasticity.  The skin is left feeling comfortable and looking radiant.


Water (Aqua), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Arachis Hypogaea (Peanut) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Glycerin, Anthyllis Vulneraria Extract, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Sorbitol, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate, Hypericum Perforatum Flower/Leaf Extract, Vegetable Oil (Olus Oil), Rosa Damascena Flower Wax, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Bran Extract, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Limonene*, Linalool*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Coumarin*, Citral*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Farnesol*, Sodium Chloride, Zinc Stearate, Lanolin, Sucrose Polystearate, Glyceryl Caprate, Zinc Sulfate, Silica, Lecithin, Lactose, Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891). *from natural essential oils

Regenerating Skin Care Kit launched!

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Regenerating Skin Care Kit

The simple way to make a conscious decision about the best way to care for mature skin.

Thanks to this kit‘s practical trial-size packages, which are also ideal for travel, the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care Kit provides the perfect opportunity to sample the entire Regenerating range.

The kit comprises: 

Regenerating Eye Cream (2.5ml) smoothes and refines the delicate skin around the eyes.  Improves the skin’s elasticity, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles

Regenerating Serum (2.5 ml) firms, replenishes and tones mature skin, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It supports the skin’s ability to balance moisture content and encourages the skin’s natural processes of renewal.  It is also ideal for soothing reddened, sensitive skin.

Regenerating Day Cream (5 ml) supports the skin’s natural regenerative functions, enhancing skin elasticity, balancing moisture content – leaving the skin feeling nourished, firm and supple.

Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream (5ml) firms, tones and visibly lifts the neck and décolleté area.  The skin is hydrated, refined and revitalised for a smoother, velvety appearance.

 Regenerating Body Cream (10ml) provides reliable, long lasting & intensive nourishment and care.  Its delicate scent of rose and orange essential oils combined with a soft note of vanilla delights the senses, while leaving the skin feeling firm and healthy.

Precious Medicinal Plant Extracts found within the Regenerating range

  • Extracts of Red Clover and Acerola Berries are used for their antioxidant, skin-protecting and fortifying properties.


  • Vitamin E rich Sea Buckthorn Oil and precious Raspberry Seed Oil protect against free radical damage and rejuvenate the skin.


  • Replenishing moisture is an important aspect for mature skin, Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care contains extracts of moisture-rich Quince Seed and the vital desert plant, Kalanchoe.


  • Rich in silica, Field Horsetail fortifies and firms the connective tissue.

Dr. Hauschka Quality

‘Nature’s treasures transformed for you’ – this has been WALA Heilmittel GmbH’s guiding principle ever since the company was founded back in 1935. By harnessing the rhythms of polarities such as warmth and cold, darkness and light or rest and movement, the company creates healthcare products based on natural substances that are obtained from certified organic or Demeter sources and under fair conditions.

Vegan Dr. Hauschka Products

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Vegan Dr. Hauschka products

The ingredients of the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care are mainly of vegetable origin. Glycerol, stearic acid or other fatty ingredients are also obtained only from plant materials.

The following Dr. Hauschka products do not contain any animal ingredients:

Almond Soothing Body Cream

Birch Arnica Energising Body Oil

Blackthorn Toning Body Oil

Clarifying Clay Mask

Cleansing Cream

Clarifying Day Oil

Clarifying Steam Bath

Clarifying Toner

Eye Revive

Eye Make-up Remover

Facial Toner

Soothing Intensive Treatment

Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream

Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Bath Essence

Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk

Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil

Melissa Day Cream

Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil

Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence

Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil

Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen

Night Serum

Quince Hydrating Body Milk

Regenerating Body Cream

Revitalising Day Cream

Revitalising Leg and Arm Tonic

Rose Nurturing Body Oil

Rose Deodorant

Rose Nurturing Bath Essence

Sage Purifying Bath Essence

Sage Mint Deodorant

Soothing Cleansing Milk

Spruce Warming Bath Essence

Med Acute Care Potentilla

Med Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste

Concealer 01-03

Foundation 01-07

Eye Definer 00, 01, 02, 04, 05

Light Reflecting Concealer 00

Strengthening Hair Treatment

NEW PRODUCT the Acute Care Potentilla!

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The ultra-rich Acute Care Potentilla is specifically formulated to provide rapid relief for skin which is prone to atopic dermatitis.

Acute Care Potentilla acts quickly to relieve itching as soon as the first signs of redness appear. It helps put an end to the vicious cycle of itching and scratching and provides soothing care for areas of the skin prone to inflammation.

The key ingredient in this new composition is a potent extract taken from the red-brown rootstock of Potentilla officinalis. The plant’s anti-inflammatory and structuring properties benefit reddened and inflamed skin, helping to restore it to its natural balance.  Read more

2015 Dr. Hauschka Cosmetic Brochure

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Take a look at the newest cosmetic brochure from Dr. Hauschka for all new information! The PDF file is available below:


NEW Dr. Hauschka foundations launching in March!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a new range of foundation!


Illuminating, nurturing foundation

Dr. Hauschka’s new Foundation conceals minor blemishes, shadows and areas of redness – without hiding away your personality. It’s easy to apply, combines authentic shades with airy textures and pampers your skin with high-quality plant oils, waxes and medicinal plant extracts.

Dr. Hauschka Foundation not only gives you a radiantly vibrant and even
complexion, it also helps your skin to retain its moisture and protects it
against external influences. The formulation combines medicinal plant
extracts with mineral pigments and vegetable waxes and oils, including
pomegranate essence, macadamia nut oil and coconut oil!



Body care is important to keep the skin supple and to help avoid stretch marks.
Daily gentle massage with Blackthorn Oil stimulates the circulation, helps to prevent hardening and keeps the muscles and connective tissue supple. Quince Body Moisturiser helps keep skin firm. Rhythmic Night Conditioner helps to re-balance and alleviate some of the skin problems that can occur during  pregnancy, such as hormone-influenced breakouts, dry or greasy skin.

Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner is cooling and enlivening, helping to relieve swollen ankles and tired legs. If you are suffering from twitchy legs then Lavender Bath can be used as a relaxing addition to bath water. Use after the 4th month of  pregnancy.

Before: Remember to take a Daily FACE Care Kit into hospital with you for convenience – it is easy to pack and takes up little room.

After the birth use Lavender Bath to relieve stress and encourage relaxation, and Rose Oil to generally pamper yourself.

Care for Men


Cleansing Cream
Deep cleansing morning and night after shaving

Facial Toner / Clarifying Toner
Refreshes and soothes; excellent as an aftershave

Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive
Helps with small cuts, redness and irritated skin
aftershaving – pat on gently

Moisturising Day Cream / Normalising Day Oil/Rose Day cream light /Quince Day Cream
Hydrates and protecting day care

Rejuvenating Mask
Refines pores and smoothes the skin

Translucent Bronze Concentrate
Mix in with moisturiser for a healthy glow

Quince Body Moisturiser
Invigorating and firming body care

Rosemary Foot Balm
Helps foot problems and sweaty feet

Birch-Arnica Oil
Ideal after sport – apply onto wet skin

Neem Hair Lotion
For scalp problems such as dandruff

Day & Night Skin Rhythm


Early morning to 9 am

The body concentrates on Oxygen exchange between the heart and the muscles – a good time to do physical exercise. Cell renewal rate in the skin is low. Toxins excreted during by the skin during the night need to be cleansed off – important to gently cleanse the skin with Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream.
10 am

The body Temperature is at its highest. The Skin looks its best – a good time to have your photo taken!
11 am

Increase in Sebaceous Gland activity. A good time to use a Face powder if the skin begins to shine.
12 noon

At this time of day it is vital to make sure that the skin has been sufficiently Moisturised as the skin cannot protect itself efficiently against the harsh elements.
1 pm to 2 pm

Metabolism in the body and skin is good. Blood pressure and Hormone levels are at their lowest. Wrinkles are more visible. This is a good time to have a brief walk (with hat on) and then eat a meal.
3 pm

We become more active. We perspire more. A good time to freshen up your make-up.
4 pm

Circulation in the skin is highest. The cheeks become warmer. Skin tends to lose a lot of water at this time. Wrinkles are most prominent at this time of day.
Excellent time to do a Face mask (this may be difficult to do at work?!) and Facial gymnastics.
5 pm to 7 pm

Regeneration processes in the skin begin slowly. Skin looses dead cells, therefore a good time to do a Cleansing clay mask to remove dead cells.
8 pm

The skin is active in its regeneration processes. Sensitivity in the skin is at its lowest – a good time to tweeze one’s eyebrows.
11 pm

Immune system of the body is at its optimum. The body and the skin detoxes itself through the skin therefore it is VITAL not to have a creamy night cream on the skin to prevent this process from happening. Facial Toner or Rhythmic Night Conditioning ampoules, which are OIL FREE, are the Dr Hauschka Night Care treatment. These dynamic hydrating preparations which are OIL FREE, support these night time regeneration processes for a healthier skin condition.

11 pm to 4 am 

Cell renewal is at its highest. Regeneration of the skin is working at peak performance. The Facial Toner and Rhythmic Night Conditioning ampoules support these processes in the skin.

Skin Care Guide


Dr.Hauschka Skin Care has been developed for the health and well-being of your skin.
Please consult a Dr.Hauschka Esthetician / your Dermatologist before purchasing / using products on your skin.

The Tocara Skin & Body Science team is happy to assist you with identifying your skin state and best recommend which products you should use
on your skin. Please contact us.

Normal Skin

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Cream
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Facial Toner
Moisturising : Quince Day Cream
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up. Cleansing Cream.
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Rhythmic Night Conditioner Course of treatment **
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Facial Toner

Dry, moisture-depleted skin

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Cream
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Facial Toner
Moisturising : Moisturizing Day Cream then Rose Day Cream
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up. Cleansing Cream.
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Rhythmic Night Conditioner Course of treatment **
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Facial Toner

Sensitive Skin

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Facial Toner or 1 ampoule
of Rhythmic Conditioner, Sensitive
Moisturising : Rose Day Cream
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up. Cleansing Cream.
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Rhythmic Conditioner, Sensitive until improvement ***
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Facial Toner


Hyper Sensitive Skin download information here


Combination Skin

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Cream
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Clarifying Toner
Moisturising : Mix Moisturizing Day Cream and Normalising Day Oil
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up. Cleansing Cream.
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Rhythmic Night Conditioner until improvement ***
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Clarifying Toner


Oily, blemished skin

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Cream
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Clarifying Toner
Moisturising : Normalising Day Oil
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up. Cleansing Cream.
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Rhythmic Night Conditioner until improvement ***
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Facial Toner


Mature skin

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Cream
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Regenerating Serum OR
Intensive Treatment 04 and 05 *
Moisturising : Regenerating Day Cream
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up. Cleansing Cream.
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Intensive Treatment 04 and 05 *
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Regenerating Serum


Red, Moisture depleted Sensitive skin, (combination)

Day Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Cream
Basic Care-fortifying skin functions : Clarifying Toner
Moisturising : Rose Day Cream Light
Night Care
Cleansing : Cleansing Milk to remove make-up (if worn)
Oil-free intensive care treatment to regulate the skin: Cleansing Cream
To be used after successful treatment to regulate the skin : Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive.
Clarifying Toner – After successful treatment of Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive.


Intensive Care

One day, the Dr.Hauschka Estheticians approached WALA with a request. They wanted a face mask which would support regeneration of the skin. In consequence, the product developers at WALA created the Dr.Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask. The estheticians tested it and were thrilled with the results. The composition of apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, extracts of quince seed, kidney vetch and borage helps skin of all conditions to find its inner balance. The Dr.Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask stimulates the skin’s natural activity and helps it to preserve moisture. It is also very effective for sun-stressed skin and broken capillaries.

Many years later a new request was made: for a mask specially designed for mature, increasingly dry skin with a diminished capacity for regeneration. The Dr.Hauschka Firming Mask was the lavish response. Its luxurious formula reads like an oriental poem.

In some phases of life the skin lacks oil and moisture, may become stressed and thin or show a tendency to eczema and flaking. For these times WALA has developed a mask with a particularly intensive formula: the Dr.Hauschka Moisturising Mask.


Recommendations for Rosacea

Day Care
Cleansing Milk mornings and evenings
  • cleanser for ultrasensitive skin
  • fortifies the skin
  • preserves the skin’s protective hydrolipid layer
1-2 ampoules of Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive in the morning and evening
  • soothes ultrasensitive skin with a tendency to redness
  • strengthens blood vessels and skin
  • relieves irritation
Day care for dry skin
Mix Rejuvenating Mask with Rose Day Cream
  • supports the skin’s own functions
  • holds moisture in the skin
  • supports the building up and regeneration of the skin
Day care for oily skin
Melissa Day Cream
  • supports the skin’s own functions
  • holds moisture in the skin
  • regulates sebum production
Day care for oily skin
Rejuvenating Mask twice a week
  • soothes ultrasensitive skin
  • supports the intrinsic activity of the skin
  • holds moisture in the skin
3 shades
  • can also be used to cover extensive areas of redness
  • soothes irritated skin
Translucent Make-up
3 shades
  • naturally concealing make up
  • particularly well tolerated by the skin
Translucent Face Powder
loose / compact
  • gives a matt complexion

Tips for facial redness:

Diet: Try to avoid

  • hot, spicy foods
  • alcohol, coffee, black tea
  • very hot drinks or food
  • nicotine
  • sweet foods


  • a wholefood diet with little meat and plenty of wholemeal products, fresh fruit, salads and vegetables
  • Make sure you drink enough (1.5 to 2 litres daily), particularly mineral water and herb teas
Sport and leisure Try to avoid:

  • sun and heat
  • saunas
  • overexertion
  • cold
Night Care
Use : Rhythmic Sensitive Ampoules until the condition improves
* (28 days) at least 4 times per year
** (28 days) 2-4 times per year
*** (at least 28 days)

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are available from health food stores, pharmacies, natural beauty shops and from all Dr.Hauschka natural beauty specialists.The Dr.Hauschka Service Team will give you the names of local suppliers and will answer any questions you may have. To reach them phone +27(0)21 702 3617 Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM.

The Importance of Cleansing


Cleansing is the most critical part of the face care routine but usually the area of ones routine that is paid the least attention. More harm than good is done if one cleanses incorrectly. If the skin is feeling uncomfortable and tight after cleansing this is the first sign that your cleanser is not working for you and has probably stripped the skin of its natural oils and moisture. We achieve comfortable skin by not disturbing the acid mantle.

Correct cleansing is done by light pressing movements with the Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream. No rotary rubbing and scrubbing! This is because the skins surface will have accumulated a layer of dirt and pollution by the end of the day. If you looked through a microscope, you would see the pollution granules have sharp edges. It is therefore important not to rub these particles around the skins surface, as this may scratch and cause irritation and redness to the skin.

If one wears make-up, then we recommend the Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk as this is our Make-up remover for the eyes and face.

Both the Dr.Hauschka Cleanses respect the precious acid mantle while cleansing so one has COMFORTABLE skin after cleansing is complete.



What is Cellulite? Fat cells become swollen, congested and enlarged. This  congestion can interfere with the circulatory systems, which affects the elimination of waste and toxins. Women are far more prone to this condition due to the  underlying structure of their skin and fat cell alignment.
Why do we get cellulite?

There are many reasons why one gets cellulite and these are my conclusions: Too many toxins ingested such as coffee, fizzy drinks, foods that have a high content of  the unhealthy fats.

When one overloads the lymph and digestive system the body literally becomes sluggish and cannot eliminate these toxins sufficiently. We would need to consume litres of water a day to help the body rid itself of these toxins. They say for every  up of coffee one needs about 5 glasses of water to prevent dehydration from the  caffeine. Do YOU drink even one glass of water after your cup of coffee… ?

Some people are unfortunately intolerant to starchy foods like bread and other wheat or gluten products – when this happens, the body holds on to water and we literally ‘puff up’. One can also become constipated if there is a real intolerance to the gluten and holding onto toxins in the digestive system overloads the lymph system as well as other organs and in turn cellulite becomes worse.

Eating these kinds of food, if one is intolerant to them, over a long period of time will lead to bulking of the body and the body usually feels sluggish. One does not really feel like doing exercise when one has excess weight to carry and this makes the problem worse because the toxins sit and perhaps the metabolism slows down.

Hormonal imbalances can also lead to other organs not functioning at their  optimal level. We could also say that sluggish organ function can lead to hormonal imbalances.

When the body and it’s organs are not functioning at optimal levels then toxins will not be eliminated fast enough. Toxic bodies tend to have more cellulite.

How to improve the cellulite condition?

Diet – I would always look at Carbohydrates first.

Drink – 2 to 3 litres of filtered water per day.

Apply Dr.Hauschka Birch Arnica body oil to wet skin after a shower or bath. Use circular and kneading movements working up the leg towards the groin area. This will help encourage your circulatory system to eliminate waste and toxins.

Poor circulation? – Apply Dr.Hauschka Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner daily to legs, thighs, buttox and upper arms.

This is my favorite product to use in the morning as it’s aroma brightens my whole day, my legs feel alive and my bathroom smells glorious! – Caro

Detoxify the body. The adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle is important in improving cellulite. This means good nutrition, reduced salt intake, sufficient water intake, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, no smoking and adequate  relaxation.

Cultivation Projects


Roses from Afganistan

Rose Project in Afghanistan organised by German Agro Action
To provide the people of Afghanistan with an alternative to growing opium poppy, German Agro Action supports some 200 farmers in cultivating roses to produce essential rose oil. As the manufacturer of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care, WALA Heilmittel GmbH contributes not only its expertise to the project; net proceeds from the sale of Dr.Hauschka Cosmetic Bags are also donated directly to the rose project.


Scent of Roses in the Desert – IRAN

There is a scent of roses in the air. Hans Supenkämper walks with Mahdi Maazolahi between the tall willow trees silhouetted against the brilliant blue sky and the building containing the distillery to the place where the compost is maturing. The 4000-metre high mountains in the distance are still covered in snow but the two men, so different from each other, are already beginning to feel the heat of this May day. The agriculturist Hans Supenkämper, a tall, sturdy man with gentle eyes, is a WALA consultant on biodynamic agriculture who advises farmers in Iran. Today he is visiting the fields of the mountain village Mehdi Abad with the agricultural adviser of the Zahra Rosewater Company, Mahdi Maazolahi, to appraise the compost started the previous autumn.


Shea Butter Burkina Fas

In 2001 WALA Heilmittel GmbH began supporting a shea butter project in Burkina Faso. In this project, women in several villages within a protected, certified organic collecting area for shea (or karité) nuts produce raw shea butter (beurre de karité) in the traditional manner. For many families the sale of shea butter is an important source of income. WALA helps to preserve these village communities by purchasing the shea butter from the villages at above-average prices and giving long-term purchase guarantees. Through the project the villages receive financial, advisory and organisational assistance with obtaining organic certification. In August 2004 the second main inspection for organic certification took place, which means that the project has reached a further milestone.